The Periods In The History Of Architecture

The architecture has had several great cradles: Central Asia, India, China, Egypt, Andean America and Mesoamerica. In each of these countries it attained a certain development, but it was hindered, because the talent of the artists was compressed within narrow limits by severe laws, laws of religion, laws of despotism, laws of caste. In Asia, architecture is often theatrical in nature, to which... More

Posted on 2019-10-11

The Art And Style Of Architecture

Architecture, the art and science of building, designing buildings and structures (including their complexes), as well as the totality of buildings and structures that create a spatial environment for human life and activity. Architecture creates a materially organized environment that people need for their life and work, in accordance with their aspirations, as well as modern technical capabil... More

Posted on 2019-10-11

Public and common spaces in America

What is meant by public space? In layman’s terms, public space is created to be used by the public.Definitions can vary as many choose to differentiate between ownership, control, and access. Some choose to define it based on the ownership; therefore, space may be developed by a public or private investors or entities, however, as long as the access to the location is allowed for public use, ... More

Posted on 2019-09-30

Water and wastewater treatment


Water treatment is the process of ensuring water is safe and acceptable for use by simply improving the quality of the water. The final use for the water could be for human consumption like drinking, irrigation, industrial use, recreational activities, and so many others. It could also be for protecting th... More

Posted on 2019-09-30


Natural transformation in water gives rise to the integration, stable uptake and functional expression of extracellular DNA in the water body. In a body of water, numerous kinds of transformation could occur. These transformations could either be physical, biological or chemical transformation. It is significant to include chemical and biological treatments when considering the treatment of wat... More

Posted on 2019-09-27

3 Commonly Asked Questions on Artificial Intelligence (AI) for 2019

Do you want to know about how Artificial Intelligence will transform your daily life and our society in general?

Here, we will discuss the most frequently asked questions about artificial intelligence. As many people still consider that this technology and its implications for our lives are quite confusing and difficult to understand.

 There are three... More

Posted on 2019-11-15

Facial recognition: what it is, how it works

Facial recognition systems are part of our routine life. The face is already used in different parts of the world to unlock mobiles, withdraw money at ATMs, pay at establishments, carry out checks at airports or identify suspects in mass events such as football matches or concerts. In 2018 the American singer Taylor Swift used, without warning the attendees, a facial recognition software&n... More

Posted on 2019-11-15