Major Architectural Failures

It is often understandable that people make mistakes, even on the job – nobody is perfect, after all. However, some jobs tend to be more forgiving than others. Let’s have a look at some of the major architectural oversights that caused serious repercussions. In this article, we learn about two buildings that redirected intense sunlight due to architectural flaws. 

Vdara Condo-ho... More

Posted on 2020-04-30

Medicine in Medieval Times

Early medieval medicine originated in around the 4th to 5th centuries AD and tied in greatly with the Christian practice of that time. Rules were made requiring the ill to be treated and cared for as part of standard religious orders. This procedure was overseen by the founder of the monks of the West, St. Benedict (480 – 543). 

Some of the first written documents detailing the sub... More

Posted on 2020-05-04

Famous Computer Malware

If you use the Internet – or a computer, for that matter – you have probably heard of computer malware, programs that invade a computer for various malicious purposes. Computer malware can perform all sorts of strange tricks, usually on unwitting users. Fortunately, our security systems have come a long way and most people nowadays would be more or less wiser to opening files from unknown s... More

Posted on 2020-05-06

Ayurveda Medicine essay

What is Ayurvedic Medicine? 

Ayurveda was the medical system of ancient India. It focuses on natural and holistic approaches to health and wholeness. The word “ayurveda” means “knowledge of life and longevity” in Sanskrit. 

History of Ayurvedic Medicine

Writings of Ayurvedic medicine originate from the first few millenniums BC, although some scholars beli... More

Posted on 2020-05-08

Are labor laws fair?

In the United States, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) prohibits employment discrimination, protecting employees and job applicants against discrimination, unfair treatment and harassment in the workplace due to any of a list of factors. Some of these factors include race, color, religion, sex – inclusive of gender identity, transgender status and sexual orientation, pregnan... More

Posted on 2020-05-12

Are Arabs and Middle Eastern subjects to discrimination?

Arabs and Middle Eastern people have long been the subjects of sweeping stereotypes, especially in the Western world. They are often portrayed in Hollywood shows as villains, terrorists or misogynists – if they are even represented at all. It is exceedingly rare to find a Western show that portrays an Arab or Middle Eastern as a hero or a good supporting character, which only lends to the dis... More

Posted on 2020-05-15

How is society viewing domestic violence towards men?

Most of us are no stranger to domestic violence. We likely have heard of it occurring somewhere around town, or perhaps even been a victim of it ourselves. When someone mentions domestic violence, what most people expect to see in a scene of domestic violence is a man threatening and harming a helpless woman or child. However, what if the victim of domestic violence was actually a man instead?&... More

Posted on 2020-05-18

How is our society dealing with poverty?

Even in today’s developed world, many people are no strangers to poverty. Even if we have not experienced poverty ourselves, we likely know of at least one group of people who are or have been poor. Poverty is around every corner, in every society, and still some people are blind to its existence. 

What is the extent to which people are suffering from poverty in the current world? ... More

Posted on 2020-05-20

Do recovering addicts deal with social injustice?

Recovering addicts can be dealing with plenty of stress in breaking their addiction, from struggling through tight financial situations to reconciling with their family. Today, an increasing number of people have begun to recognize the struggles of a recovering addict in their integration back into society. However, is our society putting added pressure on these people instead of supporting the... More

Posted on 2020-05-22

What are the top American ideals?

What strikes a chord when you are thinking about a few of American ideals? In case you're considering ideals like majority rules system, opportunity, freedom, equity, liberty, and opportunity, you're progressing nicely. These were the ideals that initially pulled in European pioneers to the land that is currently America, and it is these standards that keep on being loved right up �... More

Posted on 2020-05-25
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