Should museums in Europe return ancient artifacts home?

The museums in Europe are home to a number of ancient artifacts from ancient civilizations all over the world. Among their notable exhibitions are the Rosetta Stone from Rosetta, Egypt, Elgin Marbles from ancient Greece, the Koh-i-Noor Diamond from India and many more. 

However, these artifacts are rife with debate regarding claims to ownership. We can see the importance of this issu... More

Posted on 2020-08-12

Cultural heritage in Asia


India is one of the world’s oldest existing cultures, having begun about 4,500 years ago. Although the early Western societies may have regarded Indian culture as inferior, the Indians were actually very advanced for their time and contributed many key concepts in architecture, mathematics and medicine. 

One famous aspect of Indian culture is its food. Indian food is ... More

Posted on 2020-08-14

Stealing cultural heritage: Examples in history

There is a fine line between copying or obtaining a piece of another culture’s heritage for one’s own appreciation, and going so far as to profit from it without giving the culture due credit. In some cases, people may not actively seek to profit from cultural theft, but rather have the desire to personally acquire a piece of More

Posted on 2020-08-17

Food culture

It is undeniable that food plays as much a part of our culture as anything else in our heritage. These days, we are blessed with the ability to access almost any type of cuisine. If it is not already in a local store, we can probably order it or find a recipe online, or we could even travel abroad to experience the ... More

Posted on 2020-08-19

Ownership of stolen antiques.

The number of artworks that have been stolen since the beginning of history probably goes up into the millions. Artworks may be commonly plundered during times of war, but they are also regularly stolen by house burglars and looters. In fact, many of the more recent art thefts in times of peace involve robberies of museums and private collections. 

While it may be easy to say that th... More

Posted on 2020-08-21

What is the importance of preserving cultural heritage?

Cultural heritage plays an important part in shaping who we are and our connection to the world. There are many forms of cultural heritage, from our traditional food to racial clothing to customary celebrations. Many people are exposed to their culture from the moment they are born, and often grow up with aspects of their culture which make an impression on them that is to last for years to com... More

Posted on 2020-08-25

Selling copied artifacts.

Ancient artifacts have picked up the attention of historians and collectors alike. With how limited and priceless they are, people have tried to reproduce them over the years. While some of these copies are used for educational or display purposes, others are sold alongside genuine artif... More

Posted on 2020-09-02

Women illiteracy in African countries

While almost every girl in a first world country is able to enjoy a full education, the girls in African countries are not as fortunate. Out of 796 million illiterate people worldwide, more than two thirds are women, and this statistic only increases in sub-Saharan Africa – where one out of every two women is illiterat... More

Posted on 2020-09-04

Emotional illiteracy and its effect on family life

Literacy is often associated with the ability to read and write, and many people assume that those who have an education are literate. However, even with the highest educational qualifications or the most prestigious education, there is one aspect of life that is not taught in schools: emotional literacy.

The term “emotional literacy” was first used by psychotherapist Claude Steiner ... More

Posted on 2020-09-07

CoPointer: How Our Tool is Great and Better

CoPointer is simply the next thing in the online industry for businesses. It is a tool that makes communication easy by solving the problems in co-browsing.

Why should you care?

Human evolution is characterized by modern technologies, which make life easy today. We are living in a world where scientific innovations and... More

Posted on 2020-12-07
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